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My Nordstrom Picks (in store) - Dressing Room Try On

Happy Monday!!

After a lot of DM's about the Nordstrom's sale, I decided to write a blog post and share all my picks from my trip to my local store. This sale is no joke! It took me around 30 mins to find a parking spot. Anywho, here are some of my favorite pieces I tried on! All of them are linked below and if you like something you can click on the image on the bar and it will take you right at the exact page. I tried to find pieces that not everyone else has talked about, but more special pieces that are worth spending the money.

My Birthday Wishlist

Where are all the June bday gals??? My birthday is like 2 days away and I thought it would be so fun if I did a wishlist since now im turning 21 and maybe I will have some weird/ cool things that I want. Plus if you have any event this summer like going to a graduation, bday party I hope these ideas can help you pick a gift.

A Little Bit About Me - Life Update

Guys... I can't believe that its June and I am turning 21 at the end of the month! That's crazy but exciting at the same time!!!  I just wanted to do a quick life update and tell you what Seth and I have been up to since my last post at "Our Eternal Happiness" so here you go:

Living Situation + Plans for the rest of the summer
So, I live in Valparaiso but these past two months I have been between Indianapolis (the capital of Indiana) which I absolutely love that place, and Valpo. Well, this next month I am going to Las Vegas. I will be there all July and possibly the first week of August. I know you're probably thinking "she's everywhere" lol I am planning on writing a blog post about my travel essentials and what outfits I am taking with me so stay tuned for that!

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