How To Dress Professionally For An Interview

I am so excited to announce my new series on the blog. Every other week I will be sharing a lifestyle topic where I talk about marriage, work, guides, tips and all you guys have recommended so far. This weeks lifestyle blog post is all about how to dress professionally for an interview.

I don't know what it is about job interviews but it seems like a very weird feeling when you have an interview and every time even though you might be prepared, its still there. For me, the most stressful thing, besides not knowing what to prepare for, is knowing what to wear. Lots of different companies have different dress codes so my biggest tip is to make sure you check the email or papers or even their website for what they require you to wear for interviews. Sometimes this information isn't provided and you just have to assume and think about what the job is about, or how people who work there dress up and kind of go with it. They want you to fit in so if you look at the website and they are all wearing suits in the picture, guess what... you better wear a suit lol. One of my managers once told me that you have to Dress for Success.

I came up with 3 outfits that I think are very professional for interviews and will help in those instances that what you should wear is not obvious. Everything is from Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack and all the outfits are on my "Shop my instagram" tab.

1. Black Pants are a Must!!

I think black pants are a must because they are very formal and professional. Every outfit gets a better  look when you top it off (or bottom it off?? haha) with black pants. In this case, a pair of black suit pants could be paired with any type of top. I wore this striped one because I wanted to add a little bit more color and still look professional. Besides, whats better than white and brown colors which achieve that perfect conservative, professional look?!

2. Its okay to wear bright colors!

For this second outfit, it took me a long time to come to the conclusion that bright colors are okay for an interview or work day. There are two ways you can wear a normal shirt and still look professional. Tucked in or just out.  Either way, if you have a pair of suit pants and a bright nice looking top that is professional or business looking you are good to go.

3. Notebooks/ Portfolios are very professional

Notebooks/ Portfolios are very professional. Always bring one. You can keep your resume in it, take notes after or during the interview and use it for business cards. Plus they make your outfit much more professional looking. I also like bags, but I make sure to keep a notebook inside just in case.

I hope you guys enjoyed it and can't wait to post more lifestyle topics.

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