As you all know, I haven't been posting a lot lately on social media. I have been in such a creative block which has made it kind of discouraging because that is something I have always been passionate about.  This weekend I felt like I am back at the stage where I should be and since I am sure everyone goes through these phases, I want to share my tips on ways to overcome creative block.

1. Take a break

Taking a break is sooo important. Even when it seems like you will miss out on a lot of opportunities, IT IS OKAY. Most of these opportunities want you to give your best and if you are blocked, you won't perform as well. After you have taken a break you will finally have a clear vision of what you want to do further.

2. Make a plan 

I love planning everything but never did I think that planning what I want to do with my social media presence would change everything completely. During this break, I took note of things I want to accomplish. Then figure out a way to make them work, and this weekend i started working towards them. Writing things down sometimes really help. I also like to plan shooting days and times. One of the best times Seth and I have shot have been the times where we have chosen date, time, location and outfit. It makes everything easier.

3. Explore outside your comfort/usual zone 

It can be easy to become a victim of the things you do every day or props you use to take pictures. I totally know how that feels. To overcome that, explore outside your zone. Look for picture inspiration and even if it is not something you ever imagined doing, make your own way of recreating it. Explore a place you haven't been to before. Seth and I live like 40 mins away from Phoenix and we have literally used every cute place where we live, so this weekend we decided to check out Phoenix and ended up finding some cool places and ways to create content.

Don't feel bad if you're stuck! You are not alone!
It is better to do your best in a project rather than post a filler. These are things that have helped me out and hope you find it helpful too.

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