Life Update

Weekend in Daytona Beach

These past few months have been INSANE!! Seth and I have been sooo busy and I know I say this 90% of the time but it's true!

We are currently in Florida, where Seth is finishing up his internship and I am just 2 weeks and a half away from my GRADUATION!! That hopefully means that I will have time to focus on other things like this and my Instagram!! I took a very long break from social media for a few months and now I want to get back at it but I'm having a hard time being creative. Maybe being here in Florida is going to help!!

Anywho, I am going to share a few things we have been up to! Starting with this past weekend since that's when I came here to Florida. I was able to go to my first NASCAR race and it was such a fun weekend. I had never experienced anything that exciting tbh. Being married to Seth, has definitely made me a sports fan! We were even talking yesterday how I never imagined I would be around sports this much and never thought I would enjoy being around them this much which is perfect for him cuz that's all he wants to do!!! HAHA
Here are a few pics we took:

So its been raining like crazy here and the race was delayed and moved to the next day and then it rained again after their second stage, so they ended the race unfinished but I really enjoyed the time there. 2 things from this race weekend:

  1. Being in the PIT STOP area and GARAGES were AMAZING!!! I got to see so many crazy things like when drivers stop and get fuel or need a tire change. YOU HAVE TO EXPERIENCE IT AT LEAST ONCE!!
  2. Watching from the 4th floor (top)  was actually pretty cool too because I got to see all 4 turns of the race 

Weekend in UTAH 

The previous week, I was in Utah where I also celebrated my 22nd bday!! I had such an amazing time there. Hung out with some of my fav Albanian people, got to tour a million-dollar home and overall just have fun and catch up. 

Its been a great summer so far and I can't wait to share more with you guys!

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