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As you all know, I haven't been posting a lot lately on social media. I have been in such a creative block which has made it kind of discouraging because that is something I have always been passionate about.  This weekend I felt like I am back at the stage where I should be and since I am sure everyone goes through these phases, I want to share my tips on ways to overcome creative block.

Life Update

Weekend in Daytona Beach

These past few months have been INSANE!! Seth and I have been sooo busy and I know I say this 90% of the time but it's true!

We are currently in Florida, where Seth is finishing up his internship and I am just 2 weeks and a half away from my GRADUATION!! That hopefully means that I will have time to focus on other things like this and my Instagram!! I took a very long break from social media for a few months and now I want to get back at it but I'm having a hard time being creative. Maybe being here in Florida is going to help!!

Instagram Bloggers Who Inspire Me

"The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do."

I love blogging and creating content on instagram because of all the amazing people I have connected with. A lot of people have asked me lately who inspires me to create some type of content or how to edit and all that fun stuff that blogger world has and I thought it would be fun if I shared with ya'll the people who inspire me. As a fashion and lifestyle blogger, I try and find bloggers who have the same interests as me. I couldn't tell you how honored I would be if I got to have brunch or a girl date with these beauties!!

Tezza Barton (@tezzamb)