A Little Bit About Me - Life Update

Guys... I can't believe that its June and I am turning 21 at the end of the month! That's crazy but exciting at the same time!!!  I just wanted to do a quick life update and tell you what Seth and I have been up to since my last post at "Our Eternal Happiness" so here you go:

Living Situation + Plans for the rest of the summer
So, I live in Valparaiso but these past two months I have been between Indianapolis (the capital of Indiana) which I absolutely love that place, and Valpo. Well, this next month I am going to Las Vegas. I will be there all July and possibly the first week of August. I know you're probably thinking "she's everywhere" lol I am planning on writing a blog post about my travel essentials and what outfits I am taking with me so stay tuned for that!

Marriage Life            

Seth and I had our 2nd anniversary last month and I can't say enough that married life is the best life. I absolutely love being married to Seth! it is definitely the best decision ever!

The hubs has been killing it with his internship and job so I am so proud of him. For confidentially purposes I cannot tell you a lot about it but its been awesome!!! He is done with 1st year of Law School and he clerked this summer at the Indiana Supreme Court. During July he’s working at a mid-sized firm in Vegas and is being a remote research assistant for one of his professors. I don’t think he has enough going on right ? Lol He’s going to be starting his second year in Law School at Valpo in August. He is literally such a studious guy.

I am finishing up my semester and then I am taking three classes this summer so I will be so busy but its okay because I love it! Yeah, what a weirdo right?!! I haven't felt as good about myself these past months so I have decided to do something! I am going to be starting to eat healthier and exercise more. One of the ways that help me be motivated is when there is a way to measure if its been any change and since I am telling you about my goal, I will maybe do a monthly review or something like that. I am hoping that by the end of this summer I have started to get used to that, and then work more  on maintaining a diet.

Well thats all you guys, stay tuned for more fun blog posts!!

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