Review of Biosilk Titanium 1" Flat Iron

Hi girls!!

Most of you probably know that I have been using only one straightener my entire when I got this flat iron in the mail I was so happy to give it a try and tell you guys all about it. I have tested it a couple of times and spoiler alert I LOVE IT!! The company also sent me some of their hair products. They sent me: leave in treatment for hair and skin, 2 protectant mists as well as a finishing spray.

I personally have never felt the need to use heat protectant even though I know everyone should use it especially when they use hot tools pretty much everyday. This changed when I started dying my hair. I hadn't find a good one until Biosilk sent me theirs. Most of them would make my hair greasy looking but this one is just amazing. It doesn't make my hair greasy and it smells amazing!!! I am also obsessed with their finishing spray. They have a couple of different ones but I love the natural hold one.

Some of the features that I like in this flat iron are:
1. Has a maximum temperature of 210°C
2. LED Digital Temperature Display including Preset Temperature Settings with 3 bars.
3.1 hour auto shut off which is awesome because somehow I always forget to turn stuff off.

This fat iron basically has everything that you would want and need and so I recommend it to all of you. I loved it and I know you all will love it too! Let me know if you have used this same one or if you decide to get it!


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