Welcome To My Blog

Welcome to my blog!!!

I am so excited to finally launch my blog! I loved being able to write about Seth and I's marriage adventure but that wasn't just what I wanted to talk about. I started this blog, so I can share with you how I style different pieces of clothing, my style, beauty tips and also share about my life. 

I wanted to start this first blog post with one of the coolest photoshoots I have ever had!! I mean scroll down and see all these cute pictures... so happy that the weather is so much warmer and I can go out and shoot. Since we are in spring season, I thought I would just wear a cute jumpsuit since they are in trend this spring season and a top that reminds me of spring. Who else is obsessed with jumpsuits?? I thought they were not my style until I tried this one and I absolutely loved it! Now I think I have like 2...maybe 3!! 
I have been loving yellow/mustard lately so I choose to wear this one from Forever 21.  I linked this outfit in my "Shop my looks" tab.

Well guys I hope you liked this post, and my new blog. I want to hear all about your thoughts! Email, comment or DM me with your thoughts, and as always thanks for checking it out! 

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