Cutest Dress From My Sister's Closet Boutique

Happy Wednesday!!

I have been loving my time here in Vegas lately! Its been a little overcast and I have tried so many new things starting from food to adventures. Something else I have been loving lately is this cute Polka Dot dress from My Sister's Closet Boutique.  I had been searching for a dress like this and when I received it in the mail, I got so happy. My Sister Closet Boutique has literally  the best clothes. Every piece I have bought, or received from them has had the best quality as well as the best design. Okay guys you probably just want to see the dress now since I have just been talking about it. Look at it...

Dress (tts)

My Sister's Closet Boutique was kind enough to create a discount code for you guys. Use code "TEAMYERS" for 10% of your order. (expires 8/1)
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